Terradyne near Wichita offers world-class golf.


Club selection is essential on this unforgiving hole. A hazard lies short right of the green while long of the green can also be big trouble. The bail out shot is left in the large swale.

Blue: 175 yds
White: 160 yds
Gold: 136 yds
Red: 115 yds


Try to avoid the bunker in the right rough off of the tee box.  Laying up is the sensible play on this long hole. A water hazard runs from 60 yards out to the green. 

Blue: 575 yds
White: 534 yds
Gold: 514 yds
Red: 477 yds


Terradyne’s Signature Hole is this tough par 3 with the lighthouse in the background. Club selection can be affected greatly by the pin position. There is not much room to miss long or left, but don’t leave your shot in the large bunker that guards the front of the green.

Blue: 183 yds
White: 170 yds
Gold: 161 yds
Red: 138 yds


Hit a solid tee shot to avoid the hazard. Shorter hitters might want to take their tee shot at the bridge; it’s a shorter carry. The large revetted bunker can catch many shots that run down the center of the fairway.

Blue: 390 yds
White: 380 yds
Gold: 336 yds
Red: 267 yds


The smart play calls for a three wood or long iron off the tee. This narrow hole increases in difficulty with a strong, southerly wind. The green is no bargain either, so plan according to pin location. Chip shots that land in front run to the center.

Blue: 345 yds
White: 321 yds
Gold: 260 yds
Red: 247 yds


A tee shot toward the large tree in the background is the preferred line. Longer hitters can be bold and hit over the bunker to set up a short pitch shot. A small water hazard guards the green on this short dogleg right.

Blue: 335 yds
White: 325 yds
Gold: 290 yds
Red: 268 yds


A strong, southerly wind can make this hole very long. You must get your tee shot in the fairway. Water on the right captures many over-aggressive shots. Remember to swing smoothly when hitting into the wind.

Blue: 368 yds
White: 352 yds
Gold: 327 yds
Red: 310 yds


This tricky par 3 leaves little margin for error. Native grass surrounds the left and back of the green with a water hazard close to the right side. Par is a good score on this little gem.

Blue: 180 yds
White: 150 yds
Gold: 124 yds
Red: 113 yds


This tight par 5 allows you to use the widest part of the fairway if you stay short of the bunker on the left. Longer tee shots should hug the right side of the fairway. The water hazard catches any shots too far right. Run-up approaches can yield good scores if played correctly.

Blue: 520 yds
White: 500 yds
Gold: 459 yds
Red: 452 yds


This difficult hole demands a long tee shot down the right center of the fairway. Be careful not to hit long into the lateral hazard that borders the back of this slightly downhill green.

Blue: 450 yds
White: 430 yds
Gold: 397 yds
Red: 327 yds


This long, narrow par 5 is best played down the right side of the fairway towards the windmill. A water hazard lies 120 yards out on the right side of the fairway. 

Blue: 560 yds
White: 547 yds
Gold: 526 yds
Red: 409 yds


Pins located on the center or right of the green give very little margin for error. Shots missing the green can leave a difficult up-and-down with the revetted Ha-Ha walls looming large.

Blue: 170 yds
White: 161 yds
Gold: 147 yds
Red: 116 yds


Aim the tee shot at the left edge of the large bunker to a spot 90 – 120 yards from the green. From there, you might have a chance to see the pin, which is on a green well-hidden in the back corner of the golf course.

Blue: 370 yds
White: 353 yds
Gold: 328 yds
Red: 315 yds


Shorter hitters must aim left of the steep bunkers on the right side of the fairway.  Longer hitters can take on the bunkers on a line near the halfway house.  Check the pin location before you hit to this very deep green.

Blue: 425 yds
White: 418 yds
Gold: 379 yds
Red: 356 yds


This par 3 has a very narrow, but deep green. Shots that fly high can be pushed short by a strong wind from the south. Par is a good score on this hole.

Blue: 170 yds
White: 155 yds
Gold: 130 yds
Red: 127 yds


Don’t bite off more than you can chew here. A good shot must stay right of the fairway bunker that lies in the left rough. The approach is slightly downhill to a narrow green.

Blue: 395 yds
White: 380 yds
Gold: 368 yds
Red: 320 yds


The left side of the fairway is safe, but the hole narrows roughly 250 yards from the tee. You must carry the ball onto the green to reach this short par 5 in two. 

Blue: 500 yds
White: 486 yds
Gold: 463 yds
Red: 428 yds


A straight drive is required, but the right side opens up a little for missed shots. The perfect drive draws towards the hedge apple trees and lands around 120 to 150 yards from the green. Try to avoid the bunkers on either side of this large, sloping green.

Blue: 400 yds
White: 341 yds
Gold: 307 yds
Red: 300 yds